Participating in the PaPoC workshop

We will use the Zoom videoconferencing software to hold the PaPoC workshop online. The workshop will take place on April 27, 2020, during daytime hours in European time zones. Anybody is welcome to participate in the workshop, but you must register in advance through EuroSys (free of charge).

Schedule times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST), and converted into your local time zone based on your web browser’s settings. Please note that CEST is not the same timezone as the workshop would have followed if it had taken place physically in Crete.

All talks (but not Q&A) are also available on YouTube.


09:30–10:15 CEST (07:30–08:15 UTC)

Session 1: Databases and consensus

10:30–11:30 CEST (08:30–09:30 UTC)

Session 2: Causal consistency

12:30–13:30 CEST (10:30–11:30 UTC)

Session 3: CRDT algorithms (1)

14:30–15:30 CEST (12:30–13:30 UTC)

Session 4: CRDT algorithms (2)

16:00–16:40 CEST (14:00–14:40 UTC)

Session 5: CRDT systems

17:30–18:30 CEST (15:30–16:30 UTC)